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What is CMS? - A Content Management System (CMS) is a website application that makes creating and managing a site's content easy.

WorldITCenter offers content management systems and consulting on content management systems as a solution to give users access to technology that quickly and efficiently builds, launches, and maintains content-rich web sites. In essence, we streamline the website publishing process with very little knowledge needed of HTML or other web programming languages. 

A perfect example of a Content Management System is Joomla!, a highly flexible and open-source platform which we fully endorse. A CMS such as Joomla! Can be scaled to allow anyone from large corporations to small home-based businesses to structure the collection of content or e-commerce products that meets their needs. The power to manage, arrange and publish content on the web in a time-saving manner is priceless in a workflow when time is money. 

Advantages of Content Management System Solutions

·         Multi-language support.

·         Manages digital assets such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF docs, videos, images and more

·         Allows clients to launch professional e-mail campaigns

·         Integrated eCommerce platforms that give clients the ability to sell as well as market their products.

·         Assists in collaborating new content or updates in scheduled time with great efficiency

·         Promotes quick and easy rearrangement of web site archives and updates

·         Connect multiple social networks into one interface for mass publication. 

Several content management systems in combination with one another to a web development firm like WorldITCenter creates what we would call a network platform. We would be able to proactively help you deploy several marketing solutions on several different social media venues, hyper-accelerating your web presence and visibility all from a single, unified interface. We use several different tried, tested, and award-winning solutions developed in-house to improve even the simplest tasks. We are here, ready to create a solution for you, a solution that works. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.


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