Employee Search & Placement

Job Definition and Description
The IT staffing professionals at WorldITCenter InfoTech are experts in their field and can assist in refining job descriptions that truly speak to the requirements and keys to success for the role you seek. If you don’t have the time to revise your job descriptions, a team member at WorldITCenter InfoTech will handle that for you.

Client Orientation
WorldITCenter InfoTech utilizes fit-focused employee search and recruitment methods, ensuring that the candidates we present are a good match for your company. We meet with you to get a deep understanding and first-hand view of your business, the people and culture. The IT professionals we select will have career-related objectives that fit and meet your short- and long-term needs

Market Research
In an effort to deliver the most talented IT professionals to your team, WorldITCenter InfoTech’s staffing specialists conduct research to uncover the best sources for potential candidates. As a value-add service to your business, we analyze the most relevant resources in your market for top talent. Staying apprised of local market recruiting trends ensures we have the information necessary to consult on supply and demand, salary ranges, benefits and competition for talent. But we don’t stop there. Our experts stay on top of industry trends, competitive analysis and benchmarking, on a local, regional and national level. Our commitment to conducting thorough research helps us stay current and ensures we can position your organization with a competitive edge. We uncover the finest active and passive job seekers in the industry, broadening the scope and caliber of candidates we’re able to present to you.


Employee Search
WorldITCenter InfoTech’s pre-screening methods apply industry best practices for IT staffing. We practice the art of the “inner view.” This gives us the opportunity to dig deeper and make excellent matches. This is just one of many steps we take to add value to our clients’ and candidates’ experience.

When you partner with WorldITCenter InfoTech, you save time because we eliminate the guesswork associated with employee search. Our search practices uncover active and passive job seekers, and we pride ourselves on presenting only those who have distinguished themselves in some way. Once we’re sure we’ve found the brightest, most qualified candidates for your assignment or position, we introduce them to the benefits of exploring an assignment with WorldITCenter InfoTech or of pursuing a career with your company.

Screening & Presentation

Candidate Screening and Presentation
Our refined screening process ensures that the IT professionals we select when staffing for your company meet the requirements and blend well with your company culture. Our “inner view” process is based on the foundation that there’s much to be discovered about a candidate that is not on a resume. We probe deeply to uncover key information not provided on paper, including:

  •  Motivation level
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication skills
  • Oral and written presentation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professionalism
  • Thought processing speed
  • Real reasons for making employment change

Candidate Selection and Interviews
Once you’ve selected a candidate for consideration for contract or direct-hire employment, WorldITCenter InfoTech will manage the process by arranging and confirming phone interviews, scheduling face-to-face meetings, supplying references and background checks and negotiating offers. It’s another way we save you time so you can get back to your business. After each meeting, our IT staffing professionals will share candidate feedback, listen to your feedback and ensure that the employee search and placement process goes smoothly and successfully.

Negotiating the Hire
Both candidates and clients benefit from our role as an intermediary. We make the process effortless by assisting in rate negotiation and job offers. If your preferred candidate is currently employed, an WorldITCenter InfoTech staffing specialist will assist him or her in the resignation process and help navigate potential counteroffers. At WorldITCenter InfoTech, it’s our goal to do what it takes to help you secure the talent you want and need.

Reference Checks
As part of our ongoing commitment to providing first-rate talent for your IT staffing needs, WorldITCenter InfoTech conducts in-depth reference checks for every candidate we place. You’ll receive a copy of our reference checks for your review.