Specialized Software Integration Services

Adopting new technologies and processes means overcoming often complicated software integration challenges, both between your existing applications and external systems. Our industry-specific software integration engineers are on hand to handle your integration obstacles, from architecture design to testing to execution.

Data Integration Services

We design automated integration services for merging data in disparate applications, file formats, and Database Management Systems (DBMS), consolidating business processes, and knowledge bases while ensuring complete data integrity during transfer. We integrate multiple data types, in addition to business logic schemas, using ETL (extract-transform-load) best practices and proven version control protocols.


API Integration Services

We utilize networking best practices when integrating custom-built, open-source, and third-party APIs that interface disparate enterprise platforms and processes, add web service functionality to applications, and synchronize data formats across applications. Our API integration solutions are executed with the aid of popular platforms like Azure, MuleSoft's Anypoint, Funnel, Jitterbit, and Dell Boomi.


Enterprise Application Integrations

Our system integration specialists provide Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, facilitating seamless communications between mission-critical business platforms. We have experience providing integrations for platforms that handle content management (CMS), accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, reporting and analytics, and digital marketing.

Service-Oriented Architecture

We develop enterprise-wide Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that are designed to deploy all services related to business processes, technical tasks, and data access using the same business logic interface and integration services. Every SOA we construct is optimized for system independence (loosely coupled), rapid data retrieval, reusability of integrated systems, and web service interoperability.

Custom Websocket Upgrade Services

We develop custom Websocket platforms that allow single TCP socket connection to be established between the client and server which allows for bi-directional, full-duplex, messages to be instantly distributed with little overhead resulting in a very low latency connection.

Event Pattern Publishing

We configure options to send messages to and from a server and receive event-driven responses without having to poll the server for a reply.

Upstream and Downstream Communication

We design automated integration services that facilitate streaming through proxies and firewalls, supporting simultaneously two-way upstream and downstream communication.

Bi-directional Data Exchange and Transfer

We transmit data in both directions simultaneously through a single connection instead of two, ultimately reducing unnecessary network traffic and delay.

Backwards Compatible with HTTP Connections

We develop backwards compatible connections that switch between HTTP connections and WebSocket as it is compatible with earlier versions of HTTP connection.


Websocket Development

Chat App

Our developers build complex features like ephemeral chat, encrypted messages, online presence, or typing indicators into your group chat to private real-time messaging apps.

Collaboration Features

We integrate real-time comment feeds and live text collaboration into applications, allowing multiple users to work together on the same document.

Realtime Maps

We utilize WebSockets to develop real-time mapping apps that display the moving locations and sharer dynamic geolocation and create geofences that trigger alerts.

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