Data and Analytics Services

AI is only as smart as the insights that fuel it. We can help you unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

Discover your data's destiny

Chances are, your business is storing loads of dark data—unused information from transactions, connected devices and other sources. And if you’re already using automation and AI technologies, you’re likely creating more “data exhaust” than ever. How many opportunities are hidden there?

Imagine a steady stream of insights to fuel intelligent technologies; 360-degree customer views to boost relevance and revenue; or faster, smarter decisions to accelerate innovation. Analytics can do that for you.

But if data is fragmented or low quality, it can’t be mobilized. You need to reimagine your data supply chains and processes to ensure transparency, trust and accessilbility at speed—only then can data be used to maximize your technology and AI investments.

We will tailor your solution with the right talent and technologies to suit your industry and objectives. This is data and analytics in the New—actionable insights that lift performance, resilience and competitive advantage.

Solutions unlike any other

There’s no silver bullet for transformation. Analytics services and data science are powerful tools, but Applied Intelligence is about combining them with AI and intelligent automation to meet your needs and bring your particular vision to life.

The foundation of your AI journey

Behind every AI strategy is a data and analytics strategy. In fact, Seventy-nine percent of companies succeeding with AI report analytics as a key factor (PDF). We help you establish strong practices that set the stage for any AI or intelligent automation transformation.


Analytics, automation and AI are deeply integrated throughout our product and service portfolio. Combined with our deep industry expertise, they allow us to help our clients operate with new agility across all of their business functions.