We at WorldITCenter provide top class database solutions in the following areas:
Database Architecture :
WITC provides database architecture which is the set of specifications, rules, and processes that dictate how data is stored in a database and how data is accessed by components of a system. It includes data types, relationships, naming conventions, Best practices and Industry standards . The database architecture describes the organization of all database objects and how they work together. It affects integrity, reliability, scalability, and performance. The database architecture involves anything that defines the nature of the data, the structure of the data, or how the data flows. We understand every business needs and most of our Data Architects are Domain experts.

Engineer drawing a computer network diagram

Database Development:We utilize advanced SQL, PL SQL, stored procedures, triggers, functions, views, packages, embedded SQL ,transact SQL, MDX queries, MDX scripts, Java Scripts, Unix shell scripts, Developer, Java, Oracle Forms, Oracle reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and others. We expertise in Open source databases like MySQL,MongoDb,Hypertable, apache CouchDB and PostgreSQL.

Database Administration: We at WorldITCenter manage development and provide production databases support (24×7). Provide our exceptional expertise in database creation, migration, upgrade, patch, download and apply Disaster recovery strategy, monitor routine jobs and maintenance, high availability and scalability, clustering, performance tuning, backup and recovery, OEM Grid control, troubleshooting services, database security, logical/physical data structure, space management and others. We recommend Disaster recovery Planning and prepare you for it

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Data Modelling: We design logical/physical database schema. We analyze, design, diagram, and develop relational data models via modeling tools, ER diagrams, UML and others.
Data Warehousing and Data-Mining: We develop dimensional data models and cubes, provide Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, and develop data warehouse using Oracle warehouse builder and SQL server SSIS/SSAS. We also perform data migration, Export/Import, loading of legacy data using various ETL tools like Informatica, OWB, SSIS/DTS, and Oracle Loader.
Storage Management: We manage storage, plan and forecast future growth, and recommend action plans. We work with your vendors to design your data needs and be cost effective.
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