AVG AntiTrack

  AVG AntiTrack


AVG AntiTrack is powerful anti-tracking software that warns you of any tracking attempts and tells you who’s trying to track you. It scrambles your digital fingerprint so that anyone who’s trying to monitor your online activities can’t access your data or target you with invasive ads. AVG AntiTrack also evaluates your online privacy and clears your browsing history and any tracking cookies stored in your device to prevent anyone from seeing which sites you’ve visited.

AVG AntiTrack is more than just basic anti-tracking software. In addition to blocking tracking cookies and other web tracking techniques, AVG AntiTrack also alerts you whenever anyone attempts to use these methods against you.

The new Windows 10 System Privacy Manager allows you to take full control of your privacy settings and customize them to your needs. With both Windows and Mac support, AVG AntiTrack is a great option for all your computers and notebooks.


  We stop tracking in one click

Once we detect someone’s trying to follow you, we’ll warn you and block them instantly – or we’ll make some fake fingerprints to throw em’ off.

  We trick advertisers with fake digital fingerprints

Advertisers can only build a portfolio by connecting the dots as you browse. So we make sure they connect the wrong dots.

  Don’t pay more than you have to

Prices online can be jacked up if retailers think you’ll be willing to pay. So we make sure to keep them guessing about your shopping habits.

  Don’t get caught red-handed

AVG AntiTrack also deletes tracking cookies and browsing history, so people on your side of the screen don’t know what you do online either.

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