AVG BreachGuard

  AVG BreachGuard


AVG BreachGuard is an advanced privacy solution that prevents your personal information from being exploited online for profit.

AVG BreachGuard alerts you if your personal information is leaked online, lets you control who can store and sell your personal information, and helps you adjust your online account settings to your desired privacy level.


24/7 privacy risk monitoring


When a website you use gets hacked…


… and hackers post your personal info online…


… we spot the hack and tell you how to stay safe.


Keep full control of your personal info

  • Automatically send requests to remove your personal info from data broker databases.
  • Make sure your info stays protected by automatically resending removal requests.
  • Prevent marketers from collecting your personal info and selling it to third parties.


Get control of your online account’s privacy

  • Check how much of your personal information can be seen publicly on social networks
  • Find out how much information you share with big tech companies
  • Learn how to set up your privacy settings in your major accounts to not share more info than necessary
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