AVG Internet Security

  AVG Internet Security


AVG Internet Security enhances our powerful, free antivirus protection with advanced features and options to provide you with additional layers of online safety. Along with our world-class antivirus security, you’ll get:

  • Webcam protection to prevent anyone from accessing your webcam without your permission.
  • An Enhanced Firewall that secures your entire network to prevent anyone from gaining unwanted access.
  • Protection from fake websites to keep you from accidentally getting scammed by phishing and pharming websites while banking or shopping online.

Experience the enhanced protections of AVG Internet Security today with a free trial.



  Advanced Antivirus: Scans your PC for viruses, ransomware, spyware, and other types of malware.
  Behavior Shield: Sends alerts if suspicious software behavior is detected on your PC.
  AI Detection: Proactively identifies malware samples to protect you from new threats.
  CyberCapture: Blocks new threats by having our antivirus software automatically upload them for analysis.
  PUA Scanner: Identifies potentially unwanted apps that you may have unknowingly downloaded.
  Turbo Scan: Shortens scanning time by skipping files it already knows are safe
  Real-Time Updates: Ensures you’re always protected by getting security updates, bug fixes, and new features automatically.
  Do Not Disturb Mode: Temporarily stops all pop-ups and app notifications so you can focus on what you’re doing.
  Silent Mode: Postpones AVG scans, updates, and popups so you can avoid interruptions while you work.
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