McAfee AntiVirus


   McAfee AntiVirus


Safeguards your systems and files from viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, and other security risks. It detects and cleans malware, and allows you to easily configure policies to manage quarantined items.

  • McAfee technicians will access your PC remotely; no interaction or knowledge is required from you.

  • Our antivirus software does a full system scan to remove viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and more. Your PC gets a complete security check, helping ensure that all threats have been removed. 

  • The pop-up blocker configuration prevents you from seeing unwanted ads and from getting infected by accidentally clicking on threats disguised as advertisements.

  • McAfee Software and Virus Signature Update keeps your PC protected after McAfee technicians have done their work. 


  • Unobtrusive, High Speed Scanning Engine

From startup to on-access scans, get high performance to minimize scan times and extend battery life.


  • Vulnerability Scanner

Find and seal up holes in Windows and your favorite browsers and applications.


  • Real-time Antimalware

Block threats like viruses, Trojans, and spyware in your files, email, and web downloads using instant risk assessments through the cloud.


  • Adaptive Two-Way Firewall

Let our advanced firewall with buffer overflow protection prevent software from exploiting your OS or stealing information, even in hotspots.


  • Malicious Ad Protection

Block cybercrime networks and their malicious ads and hidden iFrame code from loading and infecting your PC.


  • Enhanced Digital Data Shredder

Destroy sensitive data and erase cookies, memory, cache, browser history, and more.


  • Improved Safe Socializing, Searching, and Shopping

Click with confidence because you know which sites are safe.


  • Better Anti-bot Protection

Block contact with criminals’ computers based on the very latest research and reputation.


  • Home Screen

Navigate easily through common security tasks with a redesigned home screen that supports touch-friendly devices.


  • Enhanced Reports

Quickly understand how your protections are securing your data and system.


  • PC Tune-up

Remove unused applications, cached browser files, and other junk to speed up your PC.

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