Skills Training Gap Among Employees Revealed

If you aren’t taking steps to transfer knowledge to a new generation, you aren’t prepared for what’s coming. Employees who have the most tenure (and typically the most experience) are reaching retirement age. Now, more than ever, transferring knowledge from retirees to Millennials and others is critical. That’s where we from World IT Center come in.

We help Companies refocus their hiring selections from “highly-trained” candidates to “highly-trainable” candidates. With more than 50 online training courses, World IT Center can help provide knowledge and job skills to a new generation, a generation comfortable with consuming information in an online format, and accustomed to well-defined assignments, clear benchmarks and continual feedback. Additionally, by using our state-of-the-art LMS, your organization can assess the current state of your workforce, test incoming team members and better plan for the future.

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