Trend Micro Maximum Security


  Trend Micro Maximum Security


  • Stop ransomware and other threats

Get complete, multi-device protection against ransomware, viruses, dangerous websites, and identity thieves. An enhanced Folder Shield safeguards your valuable files and digital assets both locally and on cloud-synced folders like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Trend Micro stops more than 250 million threats daily , so you can enjoy your digital life safely.


  • Defend against the unknown

Our cloud-based AI technology delivers highly effective and proactive protection against ever-evolving malware infections. You can depend on Trend Micro to defend against known and never-before-seen attacks, keeping you ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape.


  • Safeguard online payments

Enhanced internet security protects you when shopping or banking online providing the ultimate security in connected world.


  • Protect your whole mobile world

Your phone and tablet need protection too. Get advanced mobile security against viruses, spyware, thieves, and everything in-between with mobile security that delivers 100% malicious app detection.


Protect all devices  Protect all your devices

Provide equal security to you PC, Mac, and mobile devices.


Secure transactions  Secure your transactions

Bank online with Pay Guard to ensure the legitimacy of financial sites.


Block web threats  Block web threats

Defend against ransomware and other online dangers.


Shield privacy  Shield your privacy

Block dangerous websites that can steal personal data.


Safeguard kids  Safeguard your kids

Allow children to explore the web safely, with both time and content limits.


Optimise performance  Optimise performance

Fix common problems and get everything running at top speed.


Avoid fraud and scams  Avoid fraud and scams

Guard against phishing emails.


Manage passwords with ease  Manage passwords with ease

Create and manage complex passwords and security logins for your favorite websites.

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